Wednesday, June 9, 2021

We Are Back!

The forums are on!
The forums are on now. This is essentially a public beta test. There are some things to know first: * This is new software. The mods and I are learning it right along with the rest of you. * There will be glitches; I’ll fix them as soon as I can, but you’re going to have to be patient. I’m juggling a lot right now, and there’s only me. * I am writing new FAQs about how to do things; the software is pretty good, but their documentation is somewhat lacking. I’m learning on the fly. Please be patient. * Some avatars have gone missing. I’m sorry about that. Not something I can fix. Because the forums are still very new (I changed to a new host yesterday) things may be a little shaky. I may turn the forums off again briefly to make adjustments, but I don't expect to have to turn them off for long, if at all. * So far, it’s been smooth sailing, and we can’t wait to “see” you all again. Lisa AW Admin

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Absolute Write Migration Update

* The server is up and running. 

* The old vBulletin posts are in.

* The new software is installed. 

* We’re days away. 

I’m still configuring the way that Share Your Work will be protected. We’re waiting for one last security package to be installed, and an more robust backup method for the forum. 

Things have delayed by a family medical crises; my elderly mom broke her hip, and that’s been my highest priority since April. 

But we’re very very close. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Much Much Closer to Putting Absolute Write Forums Online Again

 We have a date for the database conversion and import. This is a massive undertaking, since it involves over a million threads, and millions of posts. 

* I’ve moved to a new server and host. 

* We’ve installed the new forum software.

* I’ve installed some of the security software.

* I’ve moved the Absolute Write Web site, which is separate from the Absolute Write Water Cooler Forum

There are three things we still need to do. 

* The consultant (we hired an expert) has made an appointment to move the database, convert it, and import it into the new forum. That will take a while; days not weeks, but the appointment is a few weeks away. 

* We will need to tweak the forum and test it. 

* We will need to install the rest of the security software, and test again.

We’re going to open the forum as soon as possible, with the warning that the volunteer staff, the Mods and Admin, will be learning new software right along with the rest of you. 

The basics of posting will be very very similar, but you’re going to have to be patient as we figure stuff out.